Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Anabela Duarte - Machine Lyrique (2006)
In the sequence of my Mler ife Dada post, here are some solo works by Anabela Duarte.
- "Lishbunah", a fado album, was recorded between Mler ife Dada's 1st and 2nd albums ("Coisas que Fascinam"/"Espírito Invisível").
- The material in "Delito" was taken from a group of live recordings made in April 1991 in the Instituto Franco-Português and released in 1999 only. It includes some reinterpretations of Mler ife Dada songs ("Sinto em Mim", "Alfama", "L'Amour Va Bien, Merci").
- "Blank Melodies" is more of an experimental album with a lot of electronic arrangements and some spoken word background every now and then.
- "Machine Lyrique" is a tribute to the works of Kurt Weill and Boris Vian. It has an interpretation of "Youkali" that I simply adore.

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