Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Nhar - Girls From The Shores (2017)

"Synthetic Insight" is the title of Nhar's new release and "Girls From the Shores" is just one of the six great tracks you can hear on this EP.
Nhar's music combines ambient/techno elements with dark melancholic melodies.
An amazing mixture that you'll surely love, specially if you're into names such as Umwelt, John Tejada or Fairmont.
Hope you like it!

Monday, 6 February 2017

The Divine Comedy - To the Rescue (2016)

Anyone that has been around mUsistenZ for some time knows how deeply I admire Mr. Hannon's work, specially if we're talking about The Divine Comedy.
Unfortunately, I'm drowning in sorrow as I write these words and admit this sad, sad true, The Divine Comedy's "Foreverland" is too bad to be real.
I know that everyone's career has its ups and downs, but this one really shocks me. It was the first time, in 25 years,  that I didn't buy an album of The Divine Comedy.
I have a big request for Mr. Hannon: make The Divine Comedy great again! Please!!!
However, among a tremendous dose of pure banality, we can find a beautiful, gorgeous and amazing song called "To the Rescue".
It has that kind of magic melody, arrangements and poetry that made The Divine Comedy such a reference for me.
Hope you like it!