Saturday, 19 September 2009

Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Stalker (1995)
Some time ago I've posted Lustmord's collaboration with the Melvins - "Pigs of the Roman Empire".
Now I'm posting another great collaboration between him and the ambient composer Robert Rich.
Hope you like it!

"Stalker", by Robert Rich and B. Lustmord, is one of the darkest e-music CDs ever. The title refers to a film by Andre Tarkovsky, not, as many folks believe, to a stalker. It is "a guide to possible interpretations of ambivalent reality" where nothing is as it seems. Its purpose is to "illuminate...and decode this landscape of fractured density". And, while this is a very dark CD, it is also intelligent and structured. (Taken from AMG)


  1. Maybe my favorite film by Tarkovsky. Looking forward to hearing this.

  2. Just rewatched the film last week after finishing the expansion pack for Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl. I still prefer Solaris as a film but am looking forward to this listening!