Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Juantrip' - Shadows [Remixes] (1999)

Juantrip' is the alias for the french producer/musician Basil Compain who has been making music since the early 90's.
"Balmy Under the Stormy", issued under the F Communications label, was an excellent debut album with great, amazing tracks such as "Downward Rush of the Streams", "Electronic", "Fly to the Moon" and, of course, the single "Shadows", an obvious parody to the iconic guitar rock band of the same name.
Hope you like it!


  1. This is one of the many things I love about cool music blogs, I discover amazing records that completely by-passed my attention first time around...anyway, I am really glad to say that second time around thanks to this blog, I discovered the joy that is Juantrip...the 'Shadows' track in particular is a classic slo-mo chugger and the 'Shadowesque' layers of 'twang' just powers it along in a weaving and meandering fashion...another great post, there is so much music on this blog that I had either forgotten about or have yet to discover. This is what music blogs should be about, not simply following the logic of consumer capital and featuring new material all the time (and usually the same material depending on the promotion skills of the PR department). Once you move to a non-linear approach to music, its spatio-temporal co-ordinates become irrelevant; its simply good music!

  2. Once again the saucer people, you have a really good point here!
    I think we all know what's killing the record business nowadays and it isn't sharing on the net the preferences, opinions or musical knowledge you may have achieved over the years.
    Thanks for commenting.