Thursday, 7 January 2010

Andrea Parker - Kiss My Arp (1998)

This was the debut album by Andrea Parker, a classically trained cello player who built a solid career in the electronic music field.
"Kiss My Arp" is a brilliant record and you shouldn't miss it, especially if you're into dark electronics.

The debut from acclaimed DJ and slightly less acclaimed electronica artist Andrea Parker is a winning mix of the electronic and the organic, a rather dark but never depressing examination of the psyche that relies equally on vintage synthesizers (hence the album title), cutting-edge beatcraft, and real orchestral string arrangements. And she sings pretty well, too. (Taken from AMG)


  1. Awesome, thank you. The Rocking Chair is such a great tune as I remember. Looking forward to trying this.

  2. Hi B.B., you're welcome.
    I think you're looking for track nº 11, but I can asure you one thing: that isn't one bad song in the whole record... ;)
    Thanks for the comment.