Thursday, 25 March 2010

Biosphere - Microgravity (1991)


  1. Rough Guide said this album is "an astonishing tour de force of liquid grooves and glacial moods, inspired by the the extreme climate of Tromso, which lies 800 km inside the Arctic circle". Thanks for the link.

  2. Looking back, this was definitely one of the key albums in the early development of the post acid-house electronica scene, I don't know how it went down in Europe or the rest of the world for that matter but in the UK, the album was spoken of as reverentially as the early Black Dog/B12/Fax/Drexiyca releases...the moment went Warp in the UK & R&S in Belgium suddenly went horizontal and without those two labels, I don't think post-rave electronic music would be half the creative powerhouse it is today in terms of experimentation and diversity.

  3. Hi the saucer people!
    Thanks for all the great remarks you've made throughout your comments.
    Hope to keep seeing them more and more... ;)