Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Chameleons - Strange Times (1986)
I'm so thrilled with the upcoming show of The Chameleons (a.k.a. The Chameleons UK) in Lisbon, on July 3rd, that I just couldn't help making this post.
These were their first three albums.
Absolute classic material!


  1. And I'm just jealous that you get to see them. Saw one concert in Chicago many moons ago.

  2. I'll see them for the first time.
    I wasn't present on their portuguese debut in 1983.
    I'm sure it will be amazing!... :)

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Esperemos que o evento corra bem a sala não é a melhor, mas vamos ver e ouvir,já agora boas e excelentes propostas no blog.Thanks

  4. Olá Luís, obrigado por teres passado por aqui e teres deixado o teu comentário.
    Realmente, poder-se-ía ter arranjado um recinto melhor. Enfim...
    Mas, tirando isso, estou realmente entusiasmado! :)


  5. I've been (crazy) fortunate .... to have seen the Chameleons, 4 times!

    My first gig was their first reunion show in 2000 (at Sheperd's Bush Empire, London) ; subsequently saw them 3 times in NYC (their electric gig at Knitting Factory was simply unbelievable.

    over the past decade, Mark has also played NYC (on and off) with Yves Altana and / or with the "Sons Of God", performing hyper-impassioned versions of songs from the mighty trio of Chameleons albums.

    Burgess will also be performing Chameleons songs on July 30th, in NYC, at the Big Takeover (NY music magazine I write for) 30th Anniversary party.

    if anyone is in NYC on july 30/3st..I HIGHLY recommend you come to The Bell House in Park Slope , Brooklyn for those 2 days.

    so many killer bands on the 2-day bill.. including: "For Against" and "The Sleepover Disaster"....

    check the info out, online!

    cheers from NYC.

    - Mike B.