Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ölga - << What Is >> (2005)

A few weeks ago I've exchanged some emails about the portuguese label Bor Land.
As I promised to the person in question, here's Ölga's "What Is".
Ölga is a portuguese trio from Lisbon. They were formed in 2001, although as a quartet then, and they've released four records so far.
Don't miss this one!


  1. I never could imagine that Olga were from Portugal!!!!! ThaNx. I put you on my faves links in my MOFONOVO brazilian blog!!! congratx

  2. I just wandered to your's impressively eclectic! And speaking of musical variety, you should check out this blog...

    I discovered Arthur Russell at this blog.

    Thanks for sharing your music with everybody!

  3. I just came across your blog early this morning. I can't thank you enough! There is some really cool, diverse stuff here that I would never have heard anywhere else! Keep up the great work!