Friday, 9 December 2011

Gatekeeper - Optimus Maximus (2009)
Wonderful EP by this amazing duo from Chicago.
Try to imagine a John Carpenter soundtrack with lots of beat and electronics.


  1. Ola

    Just discovered your blog looking for some Divine Comedy albums. You have a great collection.
    A "big great" Obrigado from Paris

  2. Salut!

    Glad you like the blog.
    Thanks for commenting. Hope to see you more often.

    Au revoir! :)

  3. John Carpenter/beats/electronics!? You got me. I have to give it a try. Many thanks.


  4. Great blog here man!

    just a heads up about track one here on Gatekeeper
    listen at 10:05 here on

    its the first song on Gatekeeper,

    directly from
    Synergy, Chords
    I got it on clear vinyl way back in the 80's

    —someone in college told me to listen to this while reading Revelations from the bible. Within a month of that, a teacher handed out xeroxes of it and he was right, goes right with it, extremely dark!
    actually an ok rip of it on Utoob here,
    great concept album to hear all at once my friend.