Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Divine Comedy - Fanfare for the Comic Muse (1990)


  1. You have been reported. Enjoy the lawsuit.

  2. Hi DDB.
    Thanks a lot for giving the opportunity to listen to all that wonderful Divine Comedy music. I will listen carefully and then buy the ones I like. Much appreciated.

  3. Hi anonymous.
    I guess that is the real "deal" in blogging. Give more visibility to some music that, otherwise, would be passing miles away from many people, due to the situation we live nowadays: radios, music channels and megastores totally subservient to the predominant politics of major labels.
    They will only promote what they're payed for.
    Blogging is a way of knowing and selecting "new" music to listen and, of course, to buy.
    At least, that's the way it works for me! ;)

    Thanks for leaving your comment.