Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Faint - Fascination (2008)

The Faint is a very interesting american indie group from Nebraska.
I got acquaintance of this band back in 2001 when they released "Danse Macabre", wich is my favourite record of them till now.

In popular music one thing is for certain: old genres never die or completely fade away; they just recycle. On Danse Macabre The Faint lovingly and accurately resurrect all that was memorable/forgettable about the disposable hits of 1980s: repetitive dance beats propelled by sterile drum machines, monotone vocals, spastic outbursts of cacophony, and hypnotic keyboard synthesizer motifs.
Like Soft Cell, Human League, Gary Numan, and Kraftwerk, The Faint have the ability to pen strong hooks which would have been monster hits in the dawn of the age of MTV.
The Faint offer a campy yet playfully dark collection that is purely an exercise in Reagan-era pop-culture nostalgia. (Taken from AMG)

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