Tuesday, 13 October 2009

O.S.I. - Blood (2009)
Kevin Moore is a wonderful musician, with several musical projects, who's talent has evolved naturally throughout the years since his beginings as keyboardist of Dream Theater.
If you can forget for a second that Kevin was once in that band, I think you'll find many reference points of interest in his work.

About Chroma Key:
Stripping away the metallic elements of Dream Theater's sound, Chroma Key is more influenced by '70s prog-rock and early-'80s synth-pop, particularly the most ethereal, ambient-flavored components of each -- artists like Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, and Talk Talk's Mark Hollis. (Taken from AMG)

About Kevin Moore's "Ghost Book":
The music
Moore has created for the film is dark and creepily evocative, as befits the film's twin themes of horror and romance; most tracks are sonically sparse and bring to mind large, echoey spaces... (Taken from AMG)

About O.S.I.:

All of their prog and metal influences come from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s (...) but instead of ignoring alternative rock and alternative metal, O.S.I. have opted to draw on influences from different eras. O.S.I.'s long list of influences has included, among others, Pink Floyd, Yes, and King Crimson as well as Radiohead and Nirvana -- and some of Moore's admirers have been surprised to find out that O.S.I. don't sound a lot like Dream Theater. (Taken from AMG)


  1. IF you could upload this album again i would be grateful! i was searching this for ages!

  2. Hi Kaiserhadess, thanks for your comments.
    The link is fixed.