Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Salad - Drink Me (1995)

"Drink Me" was the outstanding debut of the british band Salad, a group that included as vocalist the gorgeous Marijne van der Vlugt, who was also the hostess of some MTV Europe programs in the early 90's (when MTV was still a music channel!).
Here we can find some exquisite landmarks of the 90's britpop scene such as "Motorbike to Heaven", "Drink the Elixir", "Granite Statue" or "Warmth of the Hearth".
Don't miss it!

Clearly more interesting, more varied, more wild, less formulaic, and just plain wagon-loads better than the OK Echobelly and Sleeper, and far more original and less nostalgic than Elastica... Best of all and most importantly, while all those other bands lose something with repeated playings, Salad's impact just grows stronger and stronger. (Taken from AMG)


  1. Would really love to see the other 2 albums, Singles Bar and Ice Cream

  2. Thanks for this- happy days!