Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The BellRays - Grand Fury (2000)

Here are the 1st three efforts by the californian rock'n'soul cult band The BellRays.
I remember talking with my friends about comparisons that were made at the time about The BellRays being a sort of a fusion between Aretha Franklin and The Stooges.
It's a funny definition, but I think it really makes sense, especially if we take into consideration their astonishing masterpiece "Let it Blast".
Highly recommended!

Recorded and mixed in our 15x15 foot practice room on a Sansui 6-track cassete recorder they don't make anymore and an 8-channel Tascam mixer, then slapped on a DAT. So now you know.
Everything was cut "live" - no overdubs.
This is the Soul-Punk Revolution.
(Taken from "Let it Blast" liner notes)

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