Friday, 18 December 2009

Bhundu Boys - Friends on the Road (1996)
Well, I must confess that I first took acquaintance with this zimbabwean band on a MTV show presented by the late John Peel back in 1993 or 1994 and these guys surely captured my attention then.
The record begins with a wonderful track - "Radio Africa" - and it has a very amusing cover version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".
Collaborations of the country singer Hank Wangford and of the Latin Quarter.
Hope you like it!

The Bhundu Boys - Friends on the Road (1996)


  1. Let me be the first to say ... BRILLIANT!

    Thank you so much. So sad they are no more.

  2. Hi John, great band indeed.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Could you re-upload? thanks