Friday, 5 June 2009

Lucretia Divina - Mal d'Honor (1993)

Lucretia Divina was a portuguese group formed in Viseu in the early 90's.
I took acquaintance with them in the summer of 1990 (if I'm not mistaken) when they participated in a musical contest called "Aqui D'el Rock", wich was brodcasted by the portuguese television, and their performance was really something.
Their only album was released three years later and it included the two themes they've played in that contest,"Saudade" and "Maria", from wich I would like to highlight "Saudade" (track nº 4), a deeply powerful song with excellent lyrics.
Hope you like it!


  1. Os Floa Maldita não metes tu...

  2. Isto não é assim à toa, quer dizer...
    E só serve para as bandas que estão no silêncio, o que não é o caso dos Floa Maldita que até já tiveram um Plat del Monat!... ;)