Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pete Shelley - XL 1 (1983)

Pete Shelley, alongside Howard Devoto, was a founding member of the influential punk band Buzzcocks.
In the 80's he pursued a musical career in the new wave/synthpop genre, from wich I've chosen to post "Homosapien" and "XL 1", being "XL 1" my favourite Pete Shelley album.

P.S. - They're both reissues with bonus tracks.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this and the Homosapien album, I have been listening to his 12 Inch mixes from the early eighties and they still sound as though they could have been released next Thursday and no-one would bat an eyelid. Often it's Howard Devoto who gets credited as the 'great genius' and while I would have to agree, there was also another genius in the Buzzcocks who created music so far ahead of the game that electronica has only just caught up.