Monday, 1 June 2009

The Vanduras - In the Dark (2002)

"In the Dark" is the only album to date by this californian band which was founded by father and son Gary and Geof Brandin.
I would like to highlight the amazing original song "Charlotte" and the cover version of Wayne Shanklin's "The Big Hurt".

"In The Dark" combines the essence of surf-noir and spaghetti-western with a twist of exotic schmaltz. Brace yourself, this is a darker beach party where the Mai-Tai's are spiked with Vicadin and no ones really sure who's good, bad or ugly. The Vanduras go for the jugular and create an instrumental album that is anything but uneasy listening. (From the band's Myspace)


  1. Wow. I'm gonna have to buy this one. Thanks!

  2. wow!! an instant classic...try polmo polpo!

    thank you!! was there a vinyl copy of this goodness ever?

  3. Hi LuckyCloud, as far as I know there wasn't any vinyl release of this album.
    You can get more info on this link:


  4. Obrigado pela divulgação da BOA musica em geral e deste grupo em particular, que não conhecia.