Friday, 20 March 2009

Perry Blake - Songs for Someone (2004)

Irish singer and songwriter Perry Blake appeared in 1998 with an outstanding self titled debut album. His career, based on sad and melancholic songs, has known many high and low points since then, but I've decided to post some of my favourite records of his.
Don't miss the three wonderful masterpieces: "Perry Blake", "Still Life" (with Steve Jansen) and "California".
It may appeal to fans of Scott Walker, David Sylvian or Leonard Cohen.


  1. Absolute beauty, thanks for uploading this extraordinary series...

  2. Thank you for this Perry Blake series :)
    BTW is there a chance of retrieving Blake's later albums, as 2007 'Canyon Songs' at your blog ?
    Pls let me know

  3. Hi BFerry.PT!
    Thanks for leaving your comment.
    I'm afraid but "Songs for Someone" was the "end of the line" for Blake's records, at least as far as I'm concerned ;)
    But I've found a blog where you can download it:


  4. This fan of Scott Walker, David Sylvian, and Leonard Cohen loves Perry Blake's music too!

  5. I disagree with Deaf, Dumb, and Blind...everything Perry Blake releases is excellent and interesting and worthwhile. He's a fantastic singer-songwriter.

  6. thanks to uploader.
    Perry Blake's new album: Forgiveness (2012) Media Orchard, we are waiting for your upload.