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The Associates - Double Hipness CD 2 (2000)

Scottish band The Associates were one of the most outstanding groups of the new wave/post-punk era. They were founded in 1976 by Billy Mackenzie and Alan Rankine, although with a different name.
Rankine left the group after the successful 1982 album "Sulk", but Mackenzie continued to play and record, either as The Associates or as a solo artist, till 1997 when he committed suicide - in January to be more precise (I will post his solo discography soon!).
Here's some of the artists wich take part with The Associates throughout the years:
  • Billy Mackenzie - Vocals
  • Alan Rankine - Guitars, Keyboards and Other Instruments (1977-1982, 1993 for reunion)
  • Michael Dempsey - Bass guitar, formerly of The Cure (1980-1982)
  • John Murphy - Drums, later of SPK and Death In June, (1980-81)
  • Steve Goulding - Drums, formerly of Graham Parker & the Rumour and later of the Mekons, He also played drums for The Cure on their single "Let's Go to Bed" (1982-1983)
  • Howard Hughes was a longtime friend of Billy Mackenzie and played keyboards live and on his later albums Perhaps, The Glamour Chase and Wild And Lonely.
  • Steve Reid was a longtime friend of Billy Mackenzie and played guitar on Perhaps.
  • Roberto Soave - Bass (1983-1985) after departure of Michael Dempsey who also played bass with Shelleyan Orphan on their album "Humroot" and live for The Cure while Simon Gallup was ill; later played in the bands Presence and Babacar
  • Moritz Von Oswald - Drums (1985 onwards), Percussion (On Wild and Lonely), Also composed on Outernational.
  • Anne Dudley of Art of Noise - strings on Wild and Lonely.
  • Martha Ladly - Keyboards and Vocals on Sulk, previously with Martha and the Muffins.
  • Robert Smith - Backing vocals on 'The Affectionate Punch', the lead singer of The Cure who were also signed to Fiction at the time.
  • Jim Russell- Drums (1984)
  • Ian McIntosh - Guitars (Live and Radio Sessions only apart from Those First Impressions), after Alan Rankine left, (1982-1985)
  • Martin Lowe - Guitars (Live), (1982)
(Taken from Wikipedia)

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  1. Hallo!

    Realy great and important Group of the 80th and 90th Years.

    Billy Mackenzie's voice will forever remain unattained.Forever!!!

    God may wish him a good seat in heaven has been given.

    In Memory of Billy Mackenzie:
    (27 March 1957 – 22 January 1997)

    Best regards