Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Paul Schütze & Phantom City - Site Anubis (1996)

Paul Schütze was a founding member of the avant-experimental australian band Laughing Hands, in the late 70's. He later moved to London, where he lives and works since 1992.
It would be impossible to post all of his solo albuns at once, so I've chosen some of my favourite records for now and I'll post more of his discography later.
They're all excellent records combining great ethnic (sometimes jazzy) percussion work with introspective ambient synth sounds. "Site Anubis" was a collaboration with Phantom City wich featured Bill Laswell, Lol Coxhill and Julian Priester.


  1. Very thanks for Schutze's albums!!!
    These records are totally rare. I'm searching for years for Schutze's discograpy.
    I hope, another albums we will see here later.

    Yarro (from Ukraine)

  2. Hi Yarro!
    I'll post, surely, some more of Schutze's works.
    I can't promise you a specific date though.
    Just stay in tune...