Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Mick Karn - Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters (1987)

Bassist Mick Karn became quite well known for being a member of the neo romantic post-punk group Japan.
These are two excellent records with the collaboration of his Japan bandmates David Sylvian, Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri.

Karn's use of the fretless bass guitar, an unusual instrument in modern popular music, produces a distinctive sound and playing style, which makes his playing immediately recognizable. (Taken from Wikipedia)


  1. Aqui em Juiz de Fora só há dois fãs do Japan: eu e um ex-colega de faculdade. Acho David Sylvian mal-compreendido. O disco que ele fez com Robert Fripp (Damage) atesta, para todos os fins, que ele é um músico talentoso.

  2. Sem dúvida.
    E não esqueçamos "Gone to Earth" (também com o Robert Fripp) e "Secrets of the Behive", que são, muito provavelmente, os meus discos preferidos do Sylvian.

  3. this album is excellent from start to finish, which is why i was surprised to read in an interview that karn felt this album was his poorest effort.