Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Pierre Bouteiller - De Vanitate Mundi (2005)

Pierre Bouteiller was a french composer who lived between 1655 and 1717.
This record is centered in Missa Pro Defunctis (a Requiem Mass) and five motets wich are suppose to have been composed around 1690-1695.
The interpretation is made by Les Voix Humaines, Suzie Leblanc (soprano) and Stephan Van Dyck (tenor).

"If unknown music is performed the 'consumer' has to be convinced that it is really worth listening to. The key to convince them is an excellent performance, and that is exactly what we get here. The interpretation by the two singers is ideal: they both have beautiful voices with the kind of flexibility this music needs, and they handle the texts - sung here in French pronunciation - with great sensitivity. I am glad the music of Bouteiller has been rediscovered and recorded." (Taken from MusicWeb-International)

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